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Why Choose Farrell Lewis

What is it about Farrell Lewis that has led to so many landlords coming to us to help them with all their property needs? 

What is the secret of our success? Well actually, it’s no secret formula. It’s simply honesty, efficiency and the personal touch.  We don’t believe in being gimmicky. Our philosophy is to follow the honest approach, because that is what our clients want and it is what leads to greater long-term success. 

At Farrell Lewis, our client landlords have always appreciated the fact that we are down-to-earth, realistic and pragmatic in everything we say and do. Our philosophy has always been to hand pick intelligent, professional people to act without corporate restraint, which gives them the freedom to perform.

Unlike many corporate agents, we believe in providing a personal touch and building a good working relationship individually with each of our clients. 
The proof of this is that most our clients have been with us for many years and have become part of the Farrell Lewis family – rather than just clients.

Linked with this is our belief that no client is too small or too big for us. 

Our clients range from ordinary individual landlords to large companies. Our doors are open to everyone – and everyone gets the same level of service from us. 
We believe that the best proof of our high level of customer service is to let our clients do the talking – so please click here to read testimonials from our clients themselves.